Ode to my Career


I just met you a month back

You left quite the Impression on me

I never saw you coming

You just sort of found me in the least expected platform

I know I haven’t committed myself to you fully

I am trying to make room for you in my life

You took me by surprise

I was not ready to avail myself

I am now fully in and ready to go all the way

Im sorry that I was a mess and could not value you

Im trying to fix myself and make ammends

You are truly something special

I never wanna take that for granted

I really hope we can get to know one another

we are magic together


Learning to love Yourself


“Self-hatred refers to an extreme dislike or hatred of oneself, or being angry at or even prejudiced against oneself. The term is also used to designate a dislike or hatred of a group, family, social class, or stereotype to which one belongs and/or has.” Wikipedia

When I read this definition I basically saw myself, I have felt like this for most of my life and have become depressed as a result of it. What I am trying to figure out though is why we become like this, What Causes us to Struggle with Self Acceptance and Self Love?

“The child tends to take on the anger, fear, self-hatred, in fact, the whole complex of emotions the parent is experiencing “   Psychalive.org

Upbringing plays a major role, if you are brought up in an environment were your parents or family has low self esteem you are more likely to pick it up and continue the cycle. Both my parents had poor self esteem and it affected me very negatively so I understand how my issues began.

How does Self hatred negatively affect you? Aside from not liking yourself you become very Hard on yourself, seeking unachievable perfection from everything you do.  We also Feel like we have nothing to offer especially in Group situations, we Feel Worthless. We develop Anger issues that stem from suppressed hurt and issues we have with ourselves.  Lastly it’s the People pleasing struggle that comes from wanting other people to like us and feel gaps that we have created for ourselves because of our inability to accept ourselves.

Now as someone who has struggled with this, I relate to all of the above and understand that everyone has their own personal struggles that stem from a low self esteem. That being said, How Do We Overcome Self Loathing?

“You Accept Yourself because to Live is to Accept our Realities” – A cry for help

We cant run away from our reality and change our upbringing, it is what it is. We can either make peace with it or live in denial.  Forgive yourself and those who have hurt you, it is easier said than done for most but it is a necessary step to moving forward.

“Try to exert small kindnesses toward yourself — acknowledge when you are feeling bad and comfort yourself as you would a good friend” xojane.com

We have to learn to Love Ourselves, this means treating ourselves with respect and compassion. We are Uniquely made to stand out as we are and we are deserving of love and happiness, those very things we loathe about ourselves are what make us special and unique.



The Agony Of Unexpressed Love



I feel like I  love you but

I don’t have the courage to tell you

I prefer to write away my emotions

I have been suffering silently  for some time now

Hoping these feelings will fade away somehow

I was not prepared for the agony I would Endure

God why did I have to like you

Why am I not Confident enough to express myself to you

Unexpressed Love is Brutal

If there is someone out there that you may feel something for

Tell them before it eats away at your core

Don’t join the rest of us who mask our feelings due to fear

Be bold, the worst  they can say is no

It will spare you from unnecessary Grief.


Be Peaceful In The Storm

blue body of water with orange thunder

Life Happens to all of us

Sometimes we win and sometimes we loose

It’s not about what happens to us but about how we react to what happens

It’s easy to be happy about all the great times in our lives

It’s not so easy to to be calm in the tough times

It is doable

It begins with accepting Reality

What has happened has happened and you cant change that

You can cry until your eyes bleed or 

You can put down the Kleenex and Keep it moving

There is a great feeling of peace from total Surrender

When you give up the resistance and  accept your predicament

Get up and  Move forward

There is not a thing that will happen to you that you wont be able to handle

Don’t run away from the storm

Face it head on 

It is then when you will find your peace.


Don’t Be Afraid of Charging what you are Worth


It’s important  to know how much you have to offer and to have some confidence in your service as a business person.  Us nice people sometimes find ourselves torn between being nice and being business people wanting to make a profit.

People will take advantage of you if you do not learn to separate personal feelings from business. We have to realise that being nice will not put money in the bank but being serious about our business will.

We are all valuable people with a lot to offer and we should always believe in what we offer as well as understand the value of our service to clients that we service, that is what determines our rates and fees for services rendered.

So as you begin another day of the week remember why you do what you do and the value of your service, you work hard and love what you do and it is only fair for you to Charge what you are worth.



For You


You are Extremely Distracting
Every time I’m Around You It’s Extremely Enchanting
I think It’s fair to say that I have A crush On You
Because my Mind can’t seem to get Enough of You
Please note that I don’t expect you to Return the Feelings
I just wanted to tell you what I’ve been Concealing
Now that I’ve told you how I feel I can begin to heal from my Ordeal