Alone again…..

Winter is coming & so I stop here were my childhood memories lie.

I walked around the streets searching for could have beens & should’ve beens

They don’t live there any more
Neither do I

So with this I say my goodbyes….


Let your voice be heard

They can’t guess or read your mind to know what you want

Say something

Those who speak up will get further than you if you don’t voice your needs

If you continue to say nothing then you will continue to get nothing

They will leave you out because they did not know you were interested

Sometimes we are not excluded from things, we exclude ourselves through our silence

You will be amazed at how attentive someone will be to your needs when you speak up

So go on, let people hear your voice because it also matters

At least…



At least you are Alive

At least you have a Job

At least you are Doing Something to make a Living

At least you have  Food and Water

At least you have a Roof over your head

At least you have People that care for you

At least you have Money to spend

At least you have Clothes to wear

At least you have Something to be Thankful for…







Why am I Here?

Why do I Get up every Morning?

Why do I Dress the way I Dress?

Why do I devote Time and Attention to certain Activities over Others?

Why did I Choose this Field of Study?

Why did I Choose to do this Particular Job?

Why do I want to Succeed?

Why do I Say the things I Say?

Why do I Socialise with this Particular group of People?

Why do I Go to the Places that I Go to?

Why do I Give the Things that I Give?

Why do I Believe in what I Believe in?

Why do I Repeat all of the Above ?

Why Questions, they are important to remembering the Reason behind doing what we do Regularly. They are also good for guiding us into understanding what our Life Purpose is.  They are a good indicator of Who we are and  Why we are.

Given that this Post is about purpose, my question to you is : What Motivates you daily in your life?

Feel free to leave your Comments below.







You hurt me and humiliated me and you never even said you are sorry

And i’m expected to somehow let it slide and forgive you,

Hell no, you do not deserve my forgiveness, you deserve to feel the way I felt

When you hurt my feelings , I will not give you the satisfaction of Forgiving your actions

I love myself way too much to allow people like you to get away with treating me like shit.

I will never forgive you for what you have done to me, I would rather die than give you that satisfaction!

Hold up….

Now I am straight up Bitter and Nasty, I am still mad over something that happened years ago and refuse to move past it. I am hurting inside from all of the resentment I have created over the years. I am miserable,  I do not feel happy and I feel worse when I run into that person. Why has that person stolen my joy?

Because I could not swallow my pride and forgive them, Forgiving them does not mean that you excuse their actions, It is Understanding the harsh realities of life and Knowing that you will get hurt at some point in life. You can be bitter over every hurt or you can try and  humanize the person who hurt you by understanding that hurt people hurt other people”, I think it was Joyce Meyer who said that. People who are wounded tend to wanna do the same to other people. If you hold on to your bitterness  long enough you will become like the very people you loathe and you will go around hurting other people as well.

Remember that you have also hurt other people and some of those people have battled with forgiving you too. That being said Why do we need to forgive people?

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies”

Martin Luther King, Jr

We need to forgive for our inner peace, bitterness makes you nasty and you carry that nastiness with you everywhere you go, it makes your attitude stink, imagine having a stinking attitude, people will not wanna be around you and you wont wanna be around you.  We forgive for ourselves and our wellbeing, by doing that we do not forget what was done to us but we choose to let it go  and move on peacefully.

I dunno who you are holding in your heart and who you refuse to forgive but I can imagine that a part of you is carrying heavy pain from that bitterness and pretty soon it will spread all over your spirit and rob you of your joy. Let us take bold steps together and forgive people who have hurt us because we will be better off in the long haul.

Ode to my Career


I just met you a month back

You left quite the Impression on me

I never saw you coming

You just sort of found me in the least expected platform

I know I haven’t committed myself to you fully

I am trying to make room for you in my life

You took me by surprise

I was not ready to avail myself

I am now fully in and ready to go all the way

Im sorry that I was a mess and could not value you

Im trying to fix myself and make ammends

You are truly something special

I never wanna take that for granted

I really hope we can get to know one another

we are magic together