Being Home Alone Does Not Have To Be Daunting


Are you living alone  for the first time or finding yourself home alone because you are an introvert, either way being home by yourself can be daunting.

Being alone gets a bad rep because we live in a very social culture  were companionship is encouraged more than solitude.

Remember that to be alone does not necessarily mean to be lonely, you can be with another person and find yourself incredibly lonely.

It’s not about who you are with but more about how you are feeling and what you get up to. I live alone so I have become used to solitude , I will share my tips on how to enjoy this time to yourself.


Pamper Yourself

If you have a tub take a bubble bath with scented candles and music or take a long  hot shower and throw in a cold beer to cool yourself off.

We all wanna look good and feel good so why  not give yourself a Pedicure and Manicure. It’s very relaxing and fun to switch up those polish colours.

Braid your hair, try out a hairstyle you normally never have time to wear.

I  love to dress up and take lots of selfies . This is your time alone to try out different looks and plan out your outfits.


Take Care of your space

Do something that will improve the quality of your life at home.

Maybe your closet is disorganised, this may be the time to organise it so you can find that  crop top you haven’t seen in months.

If you have a bit of OCD, this may be the perfect time to start sorting those cereal jars in your pantry.

Nobody  enjoys chores, and not all of us have the luxury of a house keeper.  Pick up a broom and sweep your floors,  do something to improve the state of your home.


Entertain Yourself

Netflix and Chill  by yourself, catch up on that season of Game of Thrones you didn’t watch. Make a snack,  put your feet up and relax.

Plug in those speakers and Turn Up, have a solo party for one and enjoy those jams that maybe your friends do not enjoy as much as you do. I like having wine and grooving to Electronic House Music in my lounge, do whatever gets you excited.

If you are a video game junkie then it’s the perfect time for you to beat your personal record score.

If you are a book worm this maybe the time to finally catch up on some reading.  Make yourself  a beverage and pull out that tablet or  book.


Get Moving

Being home alone can sometimes lead to total laziness which is okay at times but you wanna show your body some love and get active. You can either work out with equipment you have at home or you can do some creative workouts with what you have.

Dancing is also a fun way to burn calories without feeling like you are in a gym. Turn up the music as suggested earlier and dance to your favourite jams.


Get Creative

When you are alone it’s the perfect time to be creative because there are no distractions and you are able to think better.

Maybe you fancy yourself a writer, you may wanna take the time to start that process or continue if its long  due.

Creativity is very broad and there is a lot you can do from Painting, Composing Music etc. What ever gets your  creative juices flowing.


Have Solo Therapy Sessions or  Meditate

Fire up your laptop and do Video diaries,  go to your Photo Booth and record short videos of how you are feeling. It is a very therapeutic way to express yourself  and talk about staff that you wouldn’t share with anyone else. I have been doing these for years and have saved my favourite ones to reflect on  the significant stages of my life.

Weird as it maybe to some people, there is something very relaxing about talking to yourself. You get to say staff you wouldn’t say to anyone else and confront the issues that  you carry internally. You can also journal your feelings .

The point is that we should not have anxiety about  being alone because we are always alone in our heads anyway. We came into this world alone and we will leave it alone so lets embrace this part of life and have fun with it.