Ode to my Career


I just met you a month back

You left quite the Impression on me

I never saw you coming

You just sort of found me in the least expected platform

I know I haven’t committed myself to you fully

I am trying to make room for you in my life

You took me by surprise

I was not ready to avail myself

I am now fully in and ready to go all the way

Im sorry that I was a mess and could not value you

Im trying to fix myself and make ammends

You are truly something special

I never wanna take that for granted

I really hope we can get to know one another

we are magic together


For You


You are Extremely Distracting
Every time I’m Around You It’s Extremely Enchanting
I think It’s fair to say that I have A crush On You
Because my Mind can’t seem to get Enough of You
Please note that I don’t expect you to Return the Feelings
I just wanted to tell you what I’ve been Concealing
Now that I’ve told you how I feel I can begin to heal from my Ordeal